DAZZA HOLDING GROUP is an international firm with 20 years of experience, highly committed to build the future, companies and people. We have a professional and qualified human capital, to actively contribute to improving the efficiency and productivity of all our customers, ensuring excellence in all our procedures and providing unparalleled service that makes the difference


Throughout the years and our collective experience, we have developed a dynamic model of strategy and planning that allows the management of any company to analyze their chances of success and risk, build successful strategies and project the future of their company

Thinking step by step

Every step of our working model presents different challenges the businessman, who along with the accompaniment of our staff and the relevant methodological tools, empowers the management in effective business decisions.

We make the difference

Our work does not end with a business plan or document. Our support in the final results makes the difference, because it is necessary to confront the “change factor” with strategic adjustments that management can create.


1 . Dream with your vision
2. Plan your strategy
3. Implement your decisions
4. Sustain your results
5. Manage the change

What we Offer

Our Partners

A Turnkey Solution For Restaurants Who Want To Expand And Reach New Customers At No Additional Cost For Renting A Commercial Space.

We are specialised on providing customised solutions with the latest practices in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Artifitial Intelligence, applied as solutions for diffferent sectors.

We share our knowledge, skills and experiences in an innovative way,  relevant and applicable to their context, providing high quality tools and methods for the retail sector.

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